You know you want more from the life you have.

Work you enjoy
The ability to switch off and enjoy your home life

A great relationship

Happiness, health and overall contentment

But... you have no idea how to get it and aren't sure it's even possible for you.

I know exactly how you feel.

I spent over a decade working as a tax lawyer.

It looked great on paper, but felt anything but. I was stressed, burnt out and miserable and didn't have a clue what I could do about it.

I tried changing roles and moving companies, but the same issues followed me wherever I went.

I pushed myself until I was signed off work with stress in October 2018. That gave me the kick I needed to tackle everything stopping me from having a life that feels good.

Turns out a lot of it was me. The pressure I put on myself, perfectionism and people pleasing being the main things getting in my way.

Although it doesn't feel great when you realise that at least part of the problem is you...

... on the flip side, once you admit that to yourself, you are the perfect person to do something about it.

My work and the work I have done with dozens of clients over the past 2 years means I know exactly what you need to do to have a life that feels extraordinary in all respects, Monday to Sunday.

And I want to teach it ALL to you so that you can create the life you want.


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However you feel right now, know that every aspect of your life can be extraordinary.

You DON'T have to sacrifice earning what you want or the relationships you have with your family, in order to achieve it.

I know it feels impossible at times because you have spent so long struggling, but you also have enough belief that this could work - because you are here reading this.

Lean into that belief and this could be the greatest decision you ever make for yourself.

Don't let whatever you have tried before put you off. This program IS going to give you what you need (and if it doesn't, I will give you your money back**).

It has been designed to be the only coaching offering you will ever need to create the life you want and encompasses ALL the steps you need to take to make it happen.

The program materials walk you through them all, and the weekly group coaching calls and private Facebook community provide all the support you will need to ensure you can implement them successfully.

I have identified these six steps for an Extraordinary Life:

1. Structure every part of your life so that it plays to your strengths and is in line with your values.

2. Stop people pleasing, implement and uphold strong boundaries without the guilt.

3. Improve your confidence and self belief. Know your value without feeling the need to over achieve and obtain validation from others in order to prove yourself.

4. Stop comparing yourself and take actions based on the life you want, instead of doing whatever will avoid judgement from others.

5. Learn to have the difficult conversations, instead of avoiding them AND do so in a way that feels good.

6. Get clear on exactly how you want your week to look and then make that a reality. Manage your energy and take care of yourself so your wellbeing is looked after, no matter what.


If you want:  

  • To feel good about who you are, what you do and what you have achieved
  • To do work that you enjoy, that pays what you want to earn
  • A job that lets you switch off and enjoy the rest of your life
  • A loving relationship, without the drama
  • To sleep through the night, every night
  • A happy home life, no matter what challenges you face
  • An ability to say no to requests that don't excite you (at work and home) without the guilt
  • An ability to make the decisions that are best for you, without being paralysed by what others (including your parents) might think

Join us and make it happen....

(Take a moment to imagine your life if you dealt with all of this stuff. How different would your day to day be? Your work, relationships, how you see yourself? Do this work now and you get these skills for the rest of your life. What is the impact of that for YOU? And for those you care about?)

Watch the video below for a virtual tour of the program contents

An Extraordinary life is a program with a difference.

You will receive all course materials upfront and will be supported to implement them during weekly group coaching sessions FOR THE LIFETIME OF THE PROGRAM.**

**(Yes, that means you can come for group coaching every single week for as long as the program runs. This isn't your standard 8 week course. You get all the materials at the start and then you have access to weekly coaching indefinitely. Any time you need support, accountability or would just like to hang out with people with a similar goal and purpose, that weekly call is the place to go to get it)

You also get access to a private Facebook community, giving you 24/7 access to a community of people all working towards creating a life that feels extraordinary.

No matter how long it takes for you to get the results you want, or how often the results you want change, this program will be there for you, making it the only course you will ever need to have a life that feels extraordinary.

Using these resources will guarantee your success.

The benefits of a group

One of the things that makes the program so powerful is the group community that is included. You learn so much about yourself from listening to someone else being coached and sharing their experiences.

It can be a real comfort to know you are not on your own and that other people have the same thoughts and experiences as you. And the best bit is you can support each other as you do the work.

This program accelerates results by using the collective wisdom of the group which enhances the benefits you would get from doing this work on your own.

Being surrounded by a group of people with a common purpose of feeling better and creating a life that feels extraordinary, makes attendees unstoppable.

It will make you unstoppable.

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This program will help you plan for the life you want and give you the tools and support to make it happen.

And then with every new iteration of extraordinary you decide to go for, it will support you to get to there.

It will empower you to understand what you want from your life and give you the confidence and self-belief to go out there and get it. 

This program will help you plan for the life you want and give you the tools and support to make it happen.

And then with every new iteration of extraordinary you decide to go for, it will support you to get to there.

It will empower you to understand what you want from your life and give you the confidence and self-belief to go out there and get it. 

The Extraordinary Life course is for you if:

  • The work you do and life you lead doesn't feel the way you want it to
  • You crave meaningful work that gives you a sense of purpose and need some guidance to make that happen
  • You want to feel energised by your life instead of drained and tired
  • Your confidence is getting in the way of how you feel about your life
  • You are a perfectionist who always says yes, even when you need to say no
  • You want to change the relationships you have with friends and family so they feel good for YOU
  • You second guess yourself and are reluctant to put yourself forward, even though you are capable
  • You know you don't want to do your current job anymore, but have no idea what you do want (this one is optional - but if you need to change careers to have the life you want, we go you covered)

The core course modules are:

Goal Setting


Get clear on what an extraordinary life will look and feel like for you and plan exaclty how to make it happen.

Skills, Strengths & Values


What are they, how are you using them and how can you use them more? How can you avoid conflicts with your values and minimise stress and anxiety.



What are boundaries, why are they crucial in all aspects of your life? How can you implement them and how can you enforce them without the guilt? (We also consider people pleasing and perfectionism as part of this module). 



What is confidence and self belief? Actionable tools you can use for building confidence and self belief so you know your worth, feel comfortable in your own skin and can create the life you want and deserve



Overcome your fears of judgement from others. Stop judging yourself and comparing yourself to others.

Difficult Conversations


How to have difficult conversations with anyone in a productive way that leaves you feeling good.


Explore what your ideal week will look like and how you can make that a reality (this module also looks at managing your energy and self care).

Goal review


Bringing it all together and putting a clear plan in place for implementing any changes needed to have an extraordinary life.

(If you decide to change careers as part of this process, this module will help with the how.)

How is the course structured?

All the program content is provided upfront for you to work through at your own pace. Each module includes a workbook plus one or more video trainings to teach, coach and guide you through all the steps you need to take to create a life that feels extraordinary.

There will be an hour group coaching call via zoom each week to support you on any of the course materials. You get access to the weekly coaching calls indefinitely.  (All the calls are recorded so you can watch them over and over again. This feature means that you can also listen back to group coaching calls that took place before you joined and catch up on any that you miss.)

In addition, daily support is provided via a private Facebook Group. This group gives you the benefit of being part of a group with a common purpose – having an extraordinary life.

Wellbeing is important to everyone and for some, an extraordinary life means a career change, so you will also find bonuses on both, inside the program.

"I had fallen out of love with my job even though objectively I knew I really liked what I did. When I finished the course I actually felt like a business owner and was looking forward to going to work. The course helped me separate my life and my job and once I had some distance from it I remembered how much I loved it.

The course enabled me to set boundaries that I still use today when I need to reset or am feeling overwhelmed. The impact of the course on my life was that it gave me time to set back and look at the big picture. Sharing my experiences with others and hearing their stories gave me narratives to help describe what I needed to do more or less of.

Before I started this course I felt that I owed everyone a lot and I felt that I had to achieve everything immediately. What changed as I worked the materials was I can now evaluate what is necessary for the business, what is necessary for me and I firstly think is this something that I want to do and how can I benefit from it, rather than following other peoples agenda"

— Sofia -

You will finish the course:

  • Feeling confident about your skills, strengths and values and have a plan for how you can use those to create a life that feels extraordinary
  • Clear about what you want from your life and how you can get it
  • Understanding your boundaries and knowing how to say no without feeling guilty
  • With tools to manage perfectionism, people pleasing, comparison and judgement
  • With greater confidence and self-belief and the resources to keep building on these in the future
  • Able to have and successfully navigate difficult and challenging conversations with friends, family, colleagues and clients
  • Understanding how to manage your energy and live and work in a way that complements that
  • Improved relationships with family, friends, partners and colleagues
  • Clear on the what next for creating your extraordinary life
  • A plan for changing careers or moving jobs if your extraordinary life requires it

What is the investment?

Your investment for lifetime access to all course materials, future updates, weekly coaching calls for the life of the program and the Facebook group is a single payment of £1,500 (which works out at a cost of less than £30 a week, if you only participate for a year)

Click here to join now

(The link above will take you to PayPal to process your payment. Once your payment is complete, you will get immediate access to the course content and private Facebook group. If you want to pay by bank transfer send an email to


Q: How does the money back guarantee work?

A: Attend at least 40% of calls over a 6 month period (10 out of 26) AND complete the workbooks and video training and if you don't see results from the program I will give you a full refund.

Q: When does the course start?

A: You can start the course at any time. You get access to all materials on joining and can come for coaching an any of the materials as and when you need it.

Q: What are the payment options?

A: This course requires a one off payment of £1,500.

No payment plans. If you would like to pay via multiple payments, please email to arrange this. Access will be given to the program on receipt of the full program fee.

Q: Who is this course aimed at?

A: Anyone who wants a life that feels extraordinary. Whether you are at university, or coming up for retirement. This content is not taught in any mainstream education and it's never too early or too late to learn it.

Q: When are the group calls?

A: Calls will be every Thursday for an hour at 3pm UK time. Calls are delivered via zoom.

Q: What happens if I miss a group call?

A: All calls will be recorded and added to the course page so you can watch back any you miss. You will have lifetime access to the core course materials so you can revisit them as and when you will find it helpful to do so.

Q: How are the materials delivered?

A: All materials are hosted on a private web page that you will get access to on joining.

Q: Is the Facebook Group a Private Group?

A: Yes the group is entirely private and only course participants and members of my team will have access to the Group.

Q: I'm not sure I want to talk about all of my stuff in a group setting, is the course for me?

A: You may be surprised how much you will be willing to say when you hear that others in the group have had similar experiences and thoughts to you - it's one of the best things about being in a group. Having a space where you can show up and be who you are without judgement is one of the most impactful things you can do.

One of the things that makes the programme so powerful is the group community that is included. You learn so much about yourself from listening to someone else being coached and sharing their experiences. It is great to know that you are not on your own, and that other people feel the same and have the same to work to do as you. And then you have those people support you as you do the work.

This programme accelerates results by using the collective wisdom of the group. The group element is a addition to the benefits you would get doing this on your own. Being surrounded by a group of people with a common purpose of feeling better and creating a life that feels extraordinary makes attendees unstoppable. It will make you unstoppable.

Q: I don't have Facebook, can I still join the course?

A: Yes, absolutely. Many of my clients do not use Facebook and have had the support they need via the group coaching calls. However, if you want to full benefits of the community, it may be worthwhile getting Facebook just for this group.


"I was in a job that I really loved 40% of the time but really didn't love 60% of the time. I had not felt like this in a job before and just couldn't understand what the issue was, so I just kept trying to ignore it and hoped it would get better. But I felt so drained and just so lost as to what to do next.

This course enabled me to work through many different aspects, my own strengths and weaknesses, my own boundaries, my own judgment of myself and others for example and listen to those of others too.

The course enabled me to frame why I was having the 60% lows - the role wasn't playing to my strengths and was impacting my boundaries.

By understanding more about me, I was able to have a "grown up" conversation at work (as practiced in the "difficult conversation" week) and work through with my boss what wasn't working. I thought my only option was to resign but in fact what has happened is that a different pathway has opened up, one that would not have been available without that conversation. So better equipped with the knowledge from the course, I start a new role next month which I believe plays more to my strengths.

... and if it isn't the right role, that isn't a problem because I have a bank of knowledge about myself, that I can refer to, more confidence around myself and my boundaries and how I want my ideal week to look, to support my future decisions. 

Thank you Louise."

(Senior Manager)

Many self-development programmes make promises about being able to transform behaviour and thought patterns, but few manage to achieve this beyond the duration of the course.  

Juggling my own business and parenthood means I have little spare time to invest in self-development (particularly during periods of lockdown) and this is the first course I have taken which has truly been realistic and manageable for me to fit into my schedule.  The results are incredible and I truly believe everyone would benefit from participating in the programme. 

When I started, I believed I was investing in my professional development, but the impact on my personal life has been just as profound.  I thought I had high self-awareness before however this course has elevated it to an entirely new level.  

Louise’s support has extended beyond the programme with guidance and handy tips to maintain progress.  Louise has such a professional, approachable and compassionate nature and I wouldn’t hesitate to approach her for guidance and coaching in the future.


"I’m learning so much about myself and am starting to see how my thoughts have been stopping me from enjoying my life. Allowing myself to pause and consider what might be going on for others has helped me stop automatically blaming or feeling bad about myself."
"In respect of the group call, it was really interesting to see how many others have the same concerns or issues which inadvertently made me feel better about myself. The structure works well. Thank you for the amazing bonus materials you are sharing every week."


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