An 8 week online group course to equip you with the tools you need to have a job you love

Starting Monday 28th September 2020


Do you want to wake up on a Monday morning feeling excited about the week ahead?  

Do you long to do work that you enjoy, that gives you a sense of purpose, but you don't know where to start?  

Does your job look great on paper but leaves you feeling stressed and overwhelmed?  

Do you find it hard to say no at work, even though you are already overloaded?  

Do you worry what other people think about you and your work? Does this stop you having the impact you want in meetings?  

"Have a Job you Love" is an 8 week group course designed to get you feeling great about the work you are doing.

It will help you get clear on what is important to you and what you want to get from your job. 

We will look at the things that are getting in the way of that and how you can overcome them so that no only do you know what you want, but you have the confidence to make it a reality.

You will also leave the course with a plan in place to make it happen. 

This course isn’t about the logistics of career change, or moving employers (though both of those may be options you decide to pursue). 

It’s about empowering you to understand what you want from the work you do and to have the confidence and self-belief to go out there and get it. 

The course is for you if:

  • The work you do doesn't match your skills, strengths and values
  • You crave meaningful work that gives you a sense of purpose and need some guidance to make that happen
  • You want to feel energised by the work you do instead of feeling drained and tired by it
  • Your confidence is getting in the way of the impact you want to have at work
  • You are a perfectionist who always says yes, even when you need to say no
  • You second guess yourself and are reluctant to put yourself forward, even though you are capable


Objectives for the course and how you want to feel at the end


What are they, how are you using them and how can you use them more?


What are boundaries, why are they crucial at work? (We will also touch on people pleasing and perfectionism as part of this module) 


What is confidence and self belief? Tools for building confidence and self belief so you can make an impact at work and feel good for doing it


How to overcome a fear of judgement from others. How to stop judging yourself and comparing yourself to others.


How to have difficult conversations in a productive way that leaves you feeling good.


We will explore what your ideal week will look like and how you can make that a reality alongside having a job you love (this module will also look at managing your energy and self care).


We will look at what you have learned and how to put the course content into practice for what is next in your work.

The course will be delivered via a weekly workbook and short introductory video (which will be emailed to you in advance). 

We will also have an hour video call each week to go through the material as a group.  

In addition to the workbooks and group calls, I will also provide support via a private Facebook Group for course attendees. 

The Facebook Group will contain Q&A threads and bonus materials alongside my daily support. 

The Facebook Group will also give you the benefit of being part of a group with a common purpose – having a job you love.  

You will finish the course:

  • Feeling confident about your skills, strengths and values and a plan for how you can use those in the work you do
  • Clear about what you want from your work and how you can get it
  • Understanding your boundaries and learning how to say no without feeling guilty
  • With tools to manage perfectionism, people pleasing, comparison and judgement
  • With greater confidence and self-belief and the resources to keep building on these in the future
  • Able to have and successfully navigate difficult and challenging conversations in the workplace
  • Understanding how to manage your energy and work in a way that complements that
  • Clear on the what next

If this course is just what you need then keep reading....

The cost for the 8 week course, including workbooks, group calls and access to the Facebook group is £697. If you wish you can also pay in 3 instalments of £250.

Pay In Full £697 

Pay in 3 x Monthly Instalments of £250

Are you looking for more support?

In addition to the above, this also includes:

3 hours of 1:1 coaching with me which can be taken as 3 sessions of one hour each or 6 sessions of 30 minutes (both via video call).

The 1:1 sessions can be taken at any point from the date you sign up to the course, until one month after the course ends. 

The cost of this option is £1,197, or you can pay in 3 instalments of £425. 

Pay In Full £1,197 

Pay in 3 x Monthly Instalments of £425


Q: When does the course start?

A: The course starts on Monday 28th September 2020.

Q: What are the payment options?

A: You can either pay in full which costs £697 or pay in 3 x monthly instalments £250. For further information click here.

Q: How much time commitment is involved?

A: Approximately 2 hours a week for the 8 weeks. I would recommend you allocate an hour to watch the weekly video and complete the workbook in advance of the group call (which is also an hour). If you wish to spend more time, there will be a plethora of bonus materials available in the private Facebook group.

Q: What level is the course designed for?

A: The course is designed to meet you where you are. It doesn't matter if you are in your first job or are coming up for retirement (both of which we had on the last intake). If you wish to do some more work on the course themes, then you are in the right place.

Q: When are the group calls?

A: Calls will be every Tuesday for an hour at 5pm (this timing may be revised if people are commuting again). Calls are delivered via zoom.

Q: What happens if I miss a group call?

A: All calls will be recorded and added to the course page so you can watch back any you miss. You will have lifetime access to the core course materials so you can revisit them as and when you will find it helpful to do so.

Q: How many will there be in the group?

A: In order to ensure that I can give everyone a chance to be coached each week, the group size will be limited to ten. If more than ten people wish to join the course, I will offer a second hour long slot for group coaching.

Q: How are the materials delivered?

A: Materials will be hosted on a private web page that will be updated each week with the new materials. You will also be emailed the link to the new materials each week. The weekly video and workbook will be with you a week before the group call so that you have plenty of time to complete and digest the materials.

Q: Is the Facebook Group a Private Group?

A: Yes the group is entirely Private and only course participants and members of my team will have access to the Group.

Q: I'm not sure I want to talk about all of my stuff in a group setting, is the course for me?

A: You may be surprised how much you will be willing to say when you hear that others in the group have had similar experiences and thoughts to you - it's one of the best things abut being in a group. However, if there are topics you prefer to explore on a one to one basis, I recommend you sign up for the VIP package which includes 3 hours of one to one coaching that you can then use to explore these areas.

Q: I don't have Facebook, can I still join the course?

A: Yes, absolutely. The bonus materials on the Facebook page are also available via the course hosting page and you can email me with anything you need between the group calls. Members of all previous cohorts have completed the course without using the Facebook group.


"I’m learning so much about myself and am starting to see how my thoughts have been stopping me from enjoying my job."

"I really enjoyed the call last night. Thanks for the materials, this is great!"
"Allowing myself to pause and consider what might be going on for others has helped me stop automatically blaming or feeling bad about myself."
"Thank you for an amazing session."
"In respect of the group call, it was really interesting to see how many others have the same concerns or issues which inadvertently made me feel better about myself. The structure works well."
"Thank you for the amazing bonus material you are sharing every week."



If you would like to speak to me to find out if this course is right for you,
book a free 15 minute call here.